Italian branded quality products at up to

90% discount

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We deal in stock lots mainly produced in Italy. The products are always original, guaranteed new and in original packaging.

They can be inspected befpre delivery at the producers factory or our own warehouse in Pordenone, Italy.

We sell to anywhere in the world.​

Umanz AB, a Swedish company established in 2015 is led by Rolf Lundqvist, former CEO of IKEA Italy. We have a long experience in retail and purchase and have contacts all over the world.

StockShopOne, an Italian company, was founded by Michele Zuccato over 20 years ago and Michele knows all and any producer in Italy.

UmanZ and StockShopOne work as one unit, one based in Sweden and the other in Italy.

UmanZ AB  Ljur Iglabo 1  447 93 Vårgprda  Sweden

VAT: SE559080049501  info@umanz.se   +46(735)392030