ANABASIS KATHARSIS Nero d'Avola red 6 bottles + ANABASIS ARETÈ Grillo white 6 bottles

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The "Katharsis" for the ancient Greeks was a purification ritual linked to the worship of water and lifestyle changes. In this case, it is a dream that comes true. A knot of passion, determination and inner fire that materializes in a wine that is its essence. Fury and ardor are transformed into body, structure, coloring intensity. The torment and fatigue in persistent aromas that penetrate deeply, where the original ideas come from. Care and knowledge in balance and elegance.

The vineyard where Katharsis comes from, is located on a particularly arid and dry land and the harvest is done with overripe and slightly withered grapes.

After the destemming begins a combined maceration: hyperoxygenation, pumping over and punching down. Fermentation takes place in concrete barrels at a temperature of 22 ° and lasts about 8 days. After the first racking, two more others rackings are made. This is followed by an aging period of 6 months in concrete barrels and another 6-12 months in French oak barrels. It has a residual sugar of about 2,5 grams per liter.

Grape: Nero d'Avola DOC Sicilia

Alcohol: 14,00 % vol ca.

Colour: ruby red

Consistency: medium, velvety

Perfumes: red fruit, cherry, black cherry, almond, vanilla

Taste: intense, harmonic, strong, red fruits

Yield per Hectare: 50 ql

Harvest: beginning of September

Aging: 6 months in cement barrel and 6-12 months in oak barrel



Arete Grillo DOC Sicilia is the emblem of the pursuit of perfection. A wine that seeks refined ways to express its value in all its floral and citrus aromas, both with excellent persistence and intensity. The result of a long research of quality, in every phase of its processing.

The grape grillo, in this part of Sicily gives an high sugar graduation and lends itself to produce very strong and perfumed white wines.

It reaches its maturity at the end of August, then the grapes are gently harvested and de-stemmed. After a soft pressing, the must is separated after a light contact of three hours with the skins.

The must is clarified by decantation. Then begins a fermentation with the inoculation of selected yeasts which lasts about 10 days at a controlled temperature of 16°C, followed by a period "sur lie" and a maturation in steel barrels for 6-8 months.

It has a residual sugar of about 2,0 grams per liter.

Grape: Grillo DOC Sicilia Alcol: 15.00 % vol ca.

Colour: straw yellow with greenish reflections

Consistency: very good, velvety, silky

Perfumes: tropical fruits, apple, banana and citrus fruit, saltiness

Taste: soft, harmonic, elegant, persistent, sapid and mineral

Yield per Hectare: 70 ql

Harvest: first decade of Septembre

Aging: three months in cement barrel, and three months in steel barrel

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